General Services


The school library is opened between from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The library has reading books and resource material for students and staff. 
Students with overdue materials will receive overdue notices.
Students who have materials overdue will not be allowed to check out additional materials.
Students must return all text books and library materials checked out during school year. Students who fail to return text books and library material, will be required to replace item(s) or pay the cost of material.


Guidance and counseling services are available. The counselor and staff are available to assist students with their educational and minor personal needs. The school will refer students to professional services when there is a need for ongoing counseling/therapy, or professional medical intervention.


The computer resource lab is open from 8:30am to 2:00pm. Technology classes are taught in grades 1st through 12th during the week, and teachers and students can coordinate with the computer teacher to schedule usage of the lab for research and other school related work.


High School students are assigned lockers. Student can use lockers to store text books and other school related materials.


The PRC office is in charge of attending to ill and injured students. Students who are ill or incurred an injury should report to the PRC office, where staff person can assist and, if necessary contact parents or guardian.


The student council is the self-governing body through which students can exercise their right to help make our school a better place to be. The purpose of the student council is to:                     
Promote and coordinate school activities.
Promote harmony between staff and students.
Assist the administration in school functions which benefit our school.


Please, report items that have been lost or found to the PRC office immediately. All found items will be kept for one month, at which time   unclaimed items will be disposed of or donated to charity organizations.