Academic Program


HONOR ROLL: The Director will publish an honor roll chart at the end of each grading period. Any student on disciplinary suspension is automatically excluded from the honor roll for that grading period. Students placed on suspension, caught  cheating on a test or plagiarizing, will not qualify for Honor Roll during the grading period in which the occurrence took place.

GRADING POLICY: Students will be tested regularly and objectively to determine subject matter knowledge and the attainment of skills. Student  grades will be based largely upon the attainment of course standards and objectives as shown by the results of these tests. Students at selected grade levels will be tested annually to determine academic achievement and minimum competency levels.

REPORTING  STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Ongoing communication of student progress is a critical factor in enhancing student success. HS will post monthly Honor Roll list on the school bulletin board. We encourage parents and students to regularly check the school´s web page which contains information about the school calendar, school activities or meetings, and student´s progress reports.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Student with grade-point-average of 85% or above will be awarded an academic award at mid-year awards program. Note, student who obtains less then 80% on any class, or has had disciplinary issues during grading period, will not be eligible for Honor Roll status, regardless of  his/her grade average.

Honor Roll:      85% -89%                                Principal List:  90% or better 

PROMOTION AND RETENTION: Placement and promotion, or retention will be made in the best interest of the student, after a careful evaluation of all the factors relating to student´s performance and future academic progress. In retaining a pupil, a committee composed of the Director, teachers and coordinator,  will consider not only the child’s academic achievement and needs, but also his/her age and his/her social and emotional maturity.